Our addresses and locations:

Kirchehoch3 — Freie evangelische Gemeinde Berlin-Pankow

Mailing Address / Office:
Learning Center
Berliner Straße 118
13187 Berlin
Telefon: 030 / 40 39 48 06

Email: info@kirchehoch3.berlin

Services in Pankow:
Alte Pfarrkiche Pankow 
Breite Strasse 37
13187 Berlin-Pankow

Connections: S & U Pankow (U2, S2, S8, S85; Tram M1, 50; Bus X54, 155, 250, 255, M27)

International meetings in Karow (first Sunday of the month):

Alt-Karow 8
13125 Berlin-Karow

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